Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day One - Again!

Truth be told I have been on Weigh Less for almost three months now but today I am beginning again!
I had all the motivation in the beginning and lost a few kilo's in the beginning. Slowly but surely those old eating habits have crept back in and this past week I didn't give my diet a second thought. I have gained weight for the second week in a row and before going to my meeting this morning I was at an all time low!

I knew I had gained and knew that there was now point to standing on the scale, other than to see just how much damaged I had caused.

I did and it's wasn't too bad. But I feel so disappointed with myself. I want to be skinny! I want to be thin! I don't want to have that large stomach hanging over my jeans. I want to feel good in clothes that now don't even fit over my thigh, let alone my hips!

So instead of leaving my meeting and heading straight to work, I stopped in at Pick 'n Pay first. Usually, after a weigh-in I would swing by the bakery and pick up a danish or a donut or two, but today fruit, veg, yoghurt and All Bran flakes were in my shopping basket. I was tempted, but I managed to find the will power to avoid the nasties! So at work I have already had my breakfast (All Bran and Skim Milk) and I had coffee at the meeting (with skim milk). At tea I am going to have a naartjie and a yoghurt. For Lunch I am planning on having a chicken salad as the weather is nice and hot today so salad will be on the menu. I am off to Gym for my training session with Nicole at 2pm and then I'll plan supper.

I am going to take things one day at a time and this time I am determined to remain focused and motivated. I think I might nip out just now and buy a journal that I will use to record the food I eat, any inspiration, track my weigh loss and inch loss and before and after pics.